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*What does it cost to host you and your workshops at my venue?

I recommend a 50% venue split of the ticket price. Both parties benefit equally. I provide all class materials and promotional content for your social media pages.

*What does it cost to have you speak at our next event?

Flat fee of $125 (plus travel) for a one hour presentation on the topic of your choice. I provide promotional content for your social media pages.

*We want to move closer to a plant-based lifestyle but what about cheese and ice cream? Family dinner and holidays? What about bacon?

Living a plant-based Lifestyle in today’s world is so much easier than even five years ago. Consumers are demanding healthier, sustainable and cruelty-free products and the supplies are growing immensely. It’s a much simpler transition. Your friends and family will admire you for making a positive change and may even be inspired to jump on board.

*What is the difference between plant-based and Vegan?

A Vegan abstains from consuming, wearing and using any animal derived products or ingredients. A person who is following a Plant-based lifestyle eliminates animal products from their diet and focuses on plant-based nutrition for health. Both are great and welcome here! Either way, you are positively contributing to your health and the health of the planet. What could be better than that?

*What does it cost to attend your classes and workshops?

Generally between $20-$50 for a one hour class. Cost may vary depending on location, class size and topic. You are invited to join Highvibeveganlife on Instagram and Facebook for class dates, location and cost. You can also pop on over to to learn more.